Accredited Litigation Skills Training. Live.
In Your Office. On Your Schedule.

How it Works

Lexican uses the small-group, learning-by-doing, case method.

  • Form a learning group of up to 8 lawyers.
  • Choose a Lexican case file for the group: medmal, mva, creditor’s rights and more. Or we’ll custom design a file based on one of your own cases.
  • Choose a skill you want to improve, such as discovery, motion practice, cross-examination of an expert, or closing argument at trial.
  • Study the case file at a pre-hearing teleconference strategy session with your coach. Files are based on actual cases, with pleadings, transcripts and a variety of exhibits.
  • Perform the skill at a simulated hearing in your office and receive on-the-spot expert coaching. A qualified actor plays the witness. Your performance is video recorded.
  • Review your performance one-on-one with your coach at a post-hearing video review teleconference.
  • Workshops are presented as half-day modules with each module focusing on one skill. Combine several modules for an extended and enriched learning experience.

About the Instructor

Joel B. KohmAll professional services are provided by Joel B. Kohm B.Sc. LL.B., member of the bars of Ontario and BC. Joel is an accredited CPD provider with courses approved by the Law Society of British Columbia and the Law Society of Upper Canada. With 35 years of litigation experience, Joel has acted as lead counsel in a wide range of trials and appeals. He is a former CLE Director of the Law Society of Upper Canada, and recipient of the Ontario Advocates’ Society Excellence in Teaching Award. Joel has designed and led over one thousand skills workshops across Canada for law firms, government departments, bar associations and law societies. He is a former member of the visiting faculty at the Emory Law School Trial Techniques Program in Atlanta, GA and instructor in Advanced Legal Process and Expert Evidence at the University of Toronto DIFA Program (Diploma in Investigative & Forensic Accounting). Joel has presented to ATLA (now AAJ), OTLA, Insight, the NY Bar Association and many other organizations.

Participant Comments

Knowledgeable instructor.

Great to see colleagues’ different approaches.

Should have this type of training more often.


A very good course, a good instructor – useful and relevant.

Instant commentary on specific issues; it gives me specific points to work on.


Other Educational & Consulting Services
for Lawyers and Law Firms.

Focus Groups & Mock Trials

Focus groups and mock trials help you develop strategies, themes, evidence, and arguments to maximize your case potential. We’ll organize everything for you – even provide qualified actors as expert witnesses. You can test run your jury opening, practise your cross-examination of an opposing expert, or work on any other aspect of your case. You’ll get a video recording of the proceedings, a thorough debrief, and the benefit of 35 years of trial practice and thousands of hours of skills training.

Strategic PowerPoint & Demonstrative Evidence

Bring your laptop and a current file to this hands-on workshop. You’ll learn how to create simple but effective PowerPoint slides using pictures, charts, audio and video that make you and your case credible and persuasive. Participants need a working knowledge of PowerPoint; so if you’re a novice, bring along an associate who knows PowerPoint basics, at no extra charge. (We can also create effective PowerPoint slides for your case at a very reasonable cost.)

In-House Legal Training

In-house workshops are an excellent way to attract and retain legal, paralegal, and administrative staff. They foster a positive firm culture, enhance the quality of the firm’s services, and are an important risk management tool. We can work with you to develop and deliver individual programs or a full curriculum to all members of your firm. We can also coach your presenters to deliver with maximum effect, whatever the venue.


Firm workshops are an effective marketing tool when they are designed and delivered as a participant-centred activity to existing and potential clients, and other referral sources. We can design and deliver programs that will showcase your firm’s lawyers to advantage, enhance your good will, and build your practice.